Hero or villian?

A newspaper article quoted from our "hero" Mr Wong Fuk-wing's blog some relevations and observations he had when he went to Sichuan to do rescue work after the earthquake in 2008.

"There is still a lot of news that has not been reported. Now I begin to understand why China said initially that it was a Level 6 earthquake rather than a Level 8 one. It seems that if a Level 8 earthquake happens, relief teams from other countries will come at once, and there will be no so-called military secrets in the region. Some people might not have died. That's what lives mean here!"

"The school buildings have collapsed, but there are only cracks in the adjacent hostels. Not a single one tumbled. Why? Anyone can tell what this means, even someone as dumb as myself. I absolutely don't believe that this is natural disaster. Why didn't the other buildings fall?"

He was decorated post-humously by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, with that "Gold Whatever" Medal, for his selfless and heroic deed. What is so ironic is that in China what he said on the blog could amount to something like treason or leakage of state secrets, and if he were a Mainland citizen and still living, he should have been thrown into jail.

Now how should he be classified? A hero or a villian? I am utterly confused.

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