Whose one less worry?

You have to hand it to the businessmen and the creative teams of advertising agencies for coming up with brilliant ideas to boost sales of their products.

There is this recent series of advertisements, first on TV and now in MTR compartments, by Wyeth the milk powder producer. Entitled "One Less Worry", the advertisements for their Biofactors line begin with by saying "Mothers have countless worries". On the surface, this is just an illustration of how mothers are concerned about the growth of their babies. But considering that, as said in yesterday's blog, melamine milk products have recently resurfaced in China, prompting many Mainland mothers to rush to Hong Kong and frantically snatch the more dependable milk products here off the shop shelves, this perfect timing cannot be mere coincidence. The businessmen are cleverly and foxily playing on their worries and fears. In that sense, the advertisements, are actually targetting at the China market and not as innocent as they first look.

And I'm sure the ploy will work. There is nothing mothers will not do to protect their babies.

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