Take that, long nose!

A few days ago I talked about the joy of watching my cats engage in their "virtual fights". For all the "fierce" actions they never have any ill intent to hurt. In a newspaper column today, the writer expressed similar feelings when she described the funny scene of her three rescued dogs fighting with her cat:

"Watching the dogs... and the cat mock fighting is hilarious.

"The cat lies on her back, batting at any dog who comes within reach, while the dogs nose her and roll her over, or try to walk with a two-kilogram cat clinging to their back legs or tail.

"But then the cat decides to take off.

"For no real reason she goes, with three dogs in hot pursuit, barking and sliding after their much smaller target.

"The cat, of course, forgets that moments before they were playmates, and heads for somewhere high, turns, hisses and shoots out her claws to rake any nose that gets too close."

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