The sheer bliss of helping animals

"The principle of feeling good applies to your family pets, for instance. Animals are wonderful, because they put you in a great emotional state. When you feel love for your pet, that great state of love will bring goodness into your life. And what a gift that is."
James Ray, quoted in The Secret, a book by Rhonda Byrne

It is sheer bliss to see Piper growing up as a happy and self-assured cat. Given that he is completely sightless, it is almost like a miracle that he is able to jig and prance around without a care in the world, and that in those "virtual fights" with Parker his one-eyed brother he can ambush, crouch, pounce, lunge and entangle into one tearing and yanking fur ball with his "enemy" in the most fearless manner. There are, of course, several factors that have combined to make this possible, such as the inborn prowess and suppleness of the feline, the guidance and help of his hyperactive brother, the very secure and stable environment of the home. But I just can't help wondering how he would have fared had he and his brother not been found and picked up by the volunteer from the garbage bin when they were still babies.

It is certainly heart-warming to know that we have provided this poor little animal with a safe and warm home, but while on the surface they are receiving the help we give, I do feel that we are the ones who reaps the benefits. That "great emotional state" mentioned in the quote is beyond words and is the greatest reward one can ever receive.

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