A book fair for book fans

Another strong proof of how much Hongkongers love reading is our annual book fair. This year a record 510 exhibitors are taking part and 900,000 visitors are expected, many of whom would queue up the night before to get in, and these book lovers would mob the authors of their favourite books for autographs.

Never mind that among the more popular “authors” are scantily clad langmo (literally “teen models”) who, in the words of one visitor, “have utterly nothing to do with books.”

Never mind that among the more popular “books” are risqué photo albums showing these langmo in skimpy outfits and suggestive or even lewd postures.

Never mind that among those “book lovers” are male oglers who are looking for free keepsakes or the chance to take pictures with their dream girls.

It suffices for us to remember that we have an annual “book” fair with an attendance figure that any countries in the world would be proud of.

Another piece of solid evidence that the reading culture in Hong Kong is “far better than in the United States”.

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