A small region with a big footprint

A recent poll by a local university came to the uncomfortable conclusion that the higher a person's education standard, the higher his carbon emission.

According to the research leader, Hong Kong people are prone to the bad habits that lead to carbon emission, such as going online whenever possible (and not turning off the computer afterwards), eating more meat than vegetables, buying takeaway food and accepting disposable tableware, not carrying a handkerchief and not taking a water bottle with them. He urges Hongkongers to cut out such habits. He believes that the correlation between high education standard and high carbon emission can be attributed to those people being more knowledgeable with the use of the computer, always having to use the computer at work as well as their living habits.

It is a pity that in Hong Kong is no longer included in the international eco-footprint ranking after 1997 because Hong Kong is not a country, but according to pre-1997 figures, Hong Kong had a very large eco-footprint, with a ranking of 13 among the world's countries. One would have thought that well-educated individuals have the awareness and sense of responsibility for conservation, but that has not been the case. The sad truth is that higher education leads to more wealth and greater demand for convenience, comfort and enjoyment.

Many people are choosing a lifestyle as if there is no tomorrow. If the great damage to the environment is allowed to go on, it is doubtful whether there really will be a tomorrow!

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