No sex education, please!

Here are some interesting articles related to education I have gathered from the papers:

"Discipline warning to teachers"
The State Education Department of Sabah has issued letters to 117 teachers (and will issue some more to another 150 teachers) demanding an explanation to their misconduct such as absence from school and failing to report to work on time. The state education director said he would conduct surprise checks to ensure that teachers carry out their duties responsibly.
What I find interesting is that the state education authority is taking action on matters which are supposed to be the business of the local schools. It begs the questions of whether the school authorities have failed to manage the teachers properly and whether it is the tradition of the system in Sabah for the State Education Department to stamp their authority like that.

"Probe report on Tamil school teaching sex education"
The Public Complaints Bureau and the State Education Department will carry out a probe following a newspaper report that a Tamil primary school taught sex education recently. According to the report, parents were upset upon learning that their children were taught sex education. The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department said that if the report was true, he would write to Education Minister urging him to take action against those involved.

"Sex education like teaching thieves how to steal properly"
A spiritual leader disagreed with the move to teach sex education in schools, saying that it will do more harm than good to the younger generation and that it would be like teaching thieves how to steal properly. He said that the move would encourage children to learn about sex among themselves, resulting in negative incidences like throwing away of unwanted babies.
"There is already sex education in Islam like parents should have a separate sleeping place for their children when they reach the age of seven and that women should be properly covered," he said.

These articles said much about the Malaysian society and culture.

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