Fix a date with destiny

There is a good article in the Borneo Post, entitled Your Date with Destiny, that is worth sharing here.

In defining destiny as "the dream that lies within you, of your desired and preferred future", the point of departure of the article is a bit different from our normal understanding of destiny, which is that it is preordained and how it pans out in our life is quite beyond our control. The writer says that the things that we choose every day lead us to the destiny. Some actions are suggested as to how we can reach our destiny.

Answer the question: Do you really believe you can achieve a life of abundance?
Whatever your dream of success is, you need to continually tell yourself: "I can do it." Absolutely nothing in your current circumstances matter.

Develop a clear vision
Asking these questions about your destiny will help you develop a clear vision:
Can you describe it in intricate detail?
Can you "see" it?
Can you "feel" it?
Can you "hear" it?

Consider the resources needed
Resources can be in terms of money, time, natural talents, emotional health, help from others, etc. The questions to be asked are:
What are the resources needed for the achievement of your destiny?
What are your current level of resources?
How will you go about obtaining the resources you need?
How can you best utilise them?

Set a date and make a plan
Fix a real date by which you believe you can reach your destiny. Then make a plan to get there, with goals to strive for and evaluation points to reflect upon.

So start to change your mindset from accepting that destiny is something life thrusts upon you to believing that it is something you can master. Then take action to go about shaping it.

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