Autumn is in the air

Not having gone on my lunchtime escapade for a few days, not only did I find the long flight of steps and the very steep trail leading up to the hiking trail more unforgiving than usual (I maintain, though, that this is the most rewarding part of the hike, providing the challenge as well as the aerobic exercise), I also felt the strong presence of autumn.

About a week ago, we had an interesting Mid-Autumn Festival night where the harvest moon fell at the same time as the autumnal equinox (a rare occurrence which will not happen again until 2029). From that point onwards, the days in this year became shorter. This seasonal change is pretty much like the human life cycle. The onset of autumn then is like a man who is just past his prime. He is no longer as flamboyant and powerful. But he is also less headstrong and aggressive. Having come of age, and realising that from now on more and more doors are going to close behind him, he becomes more mellow, more incisive and more inviting.

That was the feeling that the crisp air, gentle breeze and caressing sunlight gave me. As I moved along the lush green trail, I got drunk in the romance in the air and lost in the nostalgia in my mind.

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