Blood, torture, death!

This year's El Toro de la Vega festival took place in the Spanish town of Tordesillas yesterday.

Here is how Wikipedia introduces the festival:

"The toro (bull) to be sacrificed is driven by horsemen wielding spears across the bridge from the town to a meadow (vega). Only when it reaches the meadow across the river is it finally allowed to receive a lethal lance from one of many competing lancers pursuing the much debilitated animal on foot. During the run (corrida) lancers are only permitted to wound the beast (which causes adrenalin rush and blood-loss and is said to alleviate undue suffering, as well as greatly improving the flavor of the beef so produced). The person who finally delivers the fatal blow is entitled to cut off the beast's testicles parade them through the town impaled on the tip of his spear. The City then awards him a gold medal and a commemorative forged iron spear.

"This is a form of ritual sacrifice which has been denounced by animal rights groups for the especially prolonged process of slaughter involving terrifying horses, crowds and very many wounds."

And here is how an animal rights group, called, League Against Cruel Sports, describes the festival:

"Each year in September, the town of Tordesillas (in Valladolid, Spain) is host to a horrific fiesta known as “El Toro de la Vega.

"The festival begins with the release of a bull into the countryside surrounding the town, whereupon dozens of people then pursue the bull on foot and on horseback, stabbing it with daggers and spears until it collapses exhausted on the ground. The bull’s tail and testicles are then cut off and held aloft as trophies, and the bull is paraded through the town amidst the cheers of bystanders.

"In recent years this brutal spectacle has been attended by increasingly large numbers of international tourists, with event organisers trying to ‘sell’ the event as an example of traditional Spanish culture. Needless to say, this is utter rubbish. Spain has an incredibly rich history and culture, and events such as this are nothing more than a dirty stain on its international reputation."

People who are against such an event may go to the League Against Cruel Sports website and sign an online petition that can be sent to the relevant authorities in Spain.

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