Cat, in the bag!

Two days ago, we went to the vet's clinic to have the threads in Piper's ears removed. The incision had healed well. The only thing was that there were still too much black matters inside the ear to the vet's liking, suggesting that the inflammation was not completely over. We will still have to apply the ear drop for a couple of weeks on a daily basis.

While we can breathe a sigh of relief regarding Piper ear, it is the ear of another cat that I am concerned about. I wrote on 11 September that Francis's right ear gave out some stench. We wanted to bring him to the vet but simply couldn't put that hyper alert and defensive feline into a bag. We made another what we believed to be a well-planned raid using a blanket, but the only result was some nasty scratches on our hand and bodies. The odour seems to be getting worse and I simply do not know what to do.

In a recent email, a friend of ours in Canada said that he has the "mind blowing and exciting" ability to communicate telepathically with his cat, and when there is a need, he would ask his cat as an intermediate to communicate with other animals.

If only I could "talk" to that stubborn cat and convince him that I am only trying to help. Alternatively, if only our friend could help us talk him into getting in that bag so that we can take him to the vet.

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