Can it possibly be from Italy?

China being the Factory of the World, its commodities are of course very competitive. Consumers are able to buy products they make at a fraction of the cost they have to pay for products made elsewhere. But there are often certain more or less universal standards that many of these cheap products fail to meet.

I went to a hardware store to buy a showerhead recently. There were lots of choices, most of which were within the USD10 price range. From the more "expensive" items, I spotted a stylish one that I liked. The only problem was that while the box had some illustrations showing that the spray jet was adjustable, I couldn't see how the adjustment could be done. So I went to the counter and asked the woman. She said that that one had no adjustment function. When I pointed out that the illustrations suggested that there was, she opened the box and let me examine. Of course she was right. So that's one problem that many Chinese products have - the packing claiming that the products are equipped with some functions that they actually don't have.

In the end, I went for a "less expensive" item. This one has the word "Italy" printed in the packing. They haven't said "Made in" so technically there is no lying. But why else should the word be put there except to try to mislead the consumers into believing that even if it is not made in Italy, the brand is owned by an Italian company?

But any such attempt would end up in dismal failure when one looks at the pitiful English in the printed description. From the following description that I have reproduced from the product, how many mistakes can you find?

The Bendt's handshower has been designed with a special spray head & available in different colours. It complete with 1/2" threaded flexible hoses.
-stylish spray head, easy to clean,
-fits all standard 1/2" threaded shower hoses & easliy installed.
-ensure constant efficiency with longlasting service,
-high performance, reliable & enjoyable

These mistakes often show that the text is copied or drafted by copywriters with very limited English. No reputable Italian company would allow such irritating mistakes in their products, would they?

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