An "Early" Dinner

It was a little after eight when we finished our dinner at home this evening. When we were eating an orange, I was about to say to my wife: “It’s nice to have dinner so early.” But then I put it in check.

Early? I thought, how early was that really?

It is true that our dinner today was earlier than most other working days, when my wife would call me no earlier than 8 pm from her office and say: “I’m off now.” And then dinner would be forty-five minutes later.

I remember that when we visited India a few years ago, the Jain who invited us to have dinner in his home told us that Jains do not eat after the sun has set. To this day, I still admire them for being able to maintain this very healthy way of life, which in most places in the modern world, not least Hong Kong, is almost impossible.

We devote most of our waking hours to making money, but where is all that money taking us?

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