"I Love Italy"

Today, while I was reading an e-book in my Kindle on the train, a young guy with a book in his hand got on in one station. He sat next to me and started reading.

After some time, my curiosity (nosiness more like) got the better of me and I glanced at his page. Amazingly, I saw a line I knew, from a book that I had in my Kindle. Now it was my cheekiness which got the better of me and I switched to the page in my Kindle which showed the list of books therein, nudged the young man, and showed him the title of the book. He gave me a smile to confirm that it was indeed the same one and said in perfect English (which told me that he is an Asian or even a Hongkonger brought up in the western world): "There is no story line. The author is just chit-chatting, but I love it." Then we both went on with our reading and soon he got off.

The line which gave the book away was "I love Italy" and the book was none other than Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love.

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