Fifty Books for USD1.79

I was relieved to receive the call from the bookshop a couple of days ago informing me that Bruce Feiler's Walking the Bible which I ordered had arrived. The book that I planned to give the friend who will be baptised at Easter (see my blog entry on 5 March) has come just in time.

There was only the owner there when I went to the bookshop to pick up the book yesterday evening. He was very friendly so we started chatting away. I confessed to him that I have made the shift from reading printed books to e-books, and it was only because the book was for a friend that I visited his bookshop and made the purchase. I then brandished my Kindle and told him that I have a copy of the same book in it and started harping on about how I found it better to read on the device. Interestingly, he not only told me how his daughter, who is a teacher, has a larger one because she likes the larger keys for typing, he also pointed at the Kindle next to his computer to show me he has one, too. He told me how he was able to buy and read Scottish writer George MacDonald's fifty books for less than USD2.

So it says a lot about the popularity of Kindle if even the owner of a bookshop has now jumped on the bandwagon!

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