Two Rotton Shows

Watching the two top officials of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government respectively made speeches in response to the resignation of the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development citing health reasons, it was difficult to say who has put on a more pathetic show.

The speeches, broadcast on TV today, contained the usual messages one would hear on such occasions, such as how good a job the person had done and how she would be missed. The problem was the ungainly way they were delivered. The Chief Executive read from the script, including the part in which he was supposed to reminisce memorable episodes. The Chief Secretary for Administration might have seen that performance, not liked it, and decided to memorise his likewise prepared speech and deliver it like it was impromptu. Unfortunately, his memory failed him so miserably that he just embarrassed himself by stuttering all the way. Both shows were simply painful to watch.

Talk about sincerity.

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