A Trip That Has Taken More Than a Quarter of a Century to Complete

I am about to set foot on that piece of land, to which my access was denied more than a quarter of a century ago. Back then, it was such a big dream to chase, a huge desire to fulfill. Going home with a passport without a visa but a date scribbled in it, I cursed my fate. I felt utterly devastated.

It is only when I look back now, many years later, that I can see how that rejection, like so many tests and trials in life, was in fact a blessing in disguise. Had I been given the right to embark on a plane, to fly to this land of dreams, to join the one who was at that stage of my life "the woman of my dream", I would have missed the right to feel wretched as I do now, on a trip to this land of dreams, for leaving the woman of my dream behind.

God always has that mysterious way of knowing what we need and giving it!

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