Confessions of a book hoarder

I pride myself in being an avid reader. Over the years, I have read so many books which have given me immense pleasure, knowledge and benefits. However, even here is where hoarding surfaced. I used to love buying books. It didn’t matter whether I had time to read them or how many books were still left untouched in my bookcases (there are still some unread ones to this day!). When I saw a title I liked, I was resolved to own the book. It was only after I had to chuck away lots of books when I moved home, and after I realized that there were simply too many books I had that were never read that I saw that enough was enough. Since then, I almost only borrowed from the library.

Until I was given something called Kindle.

e-books could be an even bigger problem for hoarders than printed ones because they do not require physical storage space. I still have more books than I can read in my Kindle, but fortunately, I have developed better restraint now and do not go over the top. And after reading the article on hoarding that I mentioned a couple of days ago, I swear to myself that I have to finish reading the few I have before ordering another one online.

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