Our front page news

These screen captures from the website of one of Hong Kong's best-selling newspapers are illustrative of the editorial direction and quality of the newspaper. First of all, what sort of news makes it to the front page? The screen capture at the top shows that the front page news today is about a dispute between a karaoke lounge and some customers over the bill. The one at the bottom shows the front page news one day about a month ago of the divorce of two pop stars. Take a quick scan at the other news stories and you notice that they are about mistresses, voyeurism and the like.

These are the things that are considered by the newspaper to be most newsworthy, or to deserve a place on the front page. But essentially such complete rubbish is able to occupy that position because it is what the readers love to read and what boost the sales of the newspaper.

I would like to reiterate a point I have made earlier - that this sort of media is precisely what we deserve.

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