How not to procrastinate

An article on procrastination? Oh, well. I’ll read it later.

Seriously, in order not to procrastinate, I didn’t put off reading this article from the Psychology Today website, called Are You Procrastinating or Just Not Interested?.

Dr. Ben Knaus, writer of the article, is the author of more than 20 books, some of which are on the topic of procrastination. He looked at procrastination from the vantage points of (1) uninterested, (2) compliance, (3) conservation of energy and (4) expectations, and proposed the following four anti-procrastination rules:

Rule 1: You don't need to be interested in a priority to do it.
Rule 2: Get critical social responsibilities quickly done to have more time for what is productive or fun.
Rule 3: In the end, you conserve more energy by expending effort to complete a priority than by swerving from it.
Rule 4: By understanding your enlightened expectations, you position yourself to avoid procrastination trap thinking, such as believing that you have to feel motivated to engage priorities that disinterest you.

These rules are useful for helping us understand procrastination and then break the habit.

The writer also has an Internet workshop and a free eBook on accompanying it, both on procrastination? Oh, well. I'll check them out later...

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