"It's always the simple things really"

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Bill Shankly, the most iconic manager of Liverpool Football Club. It was he who famously said that football is much more important than life and death. 

Today, an interview of Mr Shankly's granddaughter, Karen Gill, chairperson of the club's Supporters' Committee, was published on the club's official website. When Ms Gill was asked about her fondest memories of her grandfather, she did not refer to any glorious moments of winning trophies but rather said:

"It's always the simple things really. I used to love going with him when he took the dog for a walk to the Everton training ground. I remember running around there playing with him. Most of my memories involve other people. He used to take us to a place called Capaldi's which was an ice cream parlour. You knew that you'd have five minutes of his time and then he'd be surrounded. If it was a special occasion he would take us to the Lord Nelson in town. That was a really nice hotel and we used to have a lovely meal there. Even then, he'd be surrounded by people. Everyone loved talking to him. I suppose the nicest memories are when we were at home with him. We would often stay the night and he would come and tell us stories about Glenbuck before bedtime. It was probably the only time that you would have him to yourself and they are the moments that I cherish most."

It is very human that Ms Gill saw the "simple things" as representing her fondest memories, things like going with her grandfather when he took the dog for a walk or going out for an ice cream or a meal. Obviously, Mr Shankly was then so popular and busy that he was always surrounded by people or engaged with work, so what his granddaughter cherished most were moments when she would have her grandfather to herself.

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