A little story of a quarter century ago

In a recent interview with Liverpool Echo, Brian Barwick, the lifelong Reds fan whose remarkable career progressed from BBC sports producer, to editor of Match of the Day, controller of ITV Sport and then chief executive of the Football Association, told a lovely little story about Kenny Dalglish, the man he has much admiration for and has established a rapport with, having known him for thirty years.

After Liverpool had completed the double in 1986 by beating Everton at Wembley, they returned to the city for the open-top bus tour. Barwick recalls: °├čI was on the Liverpool bus as it made its way slowly around the crowded streets. My professional brief was to grab reactions from the players as they were feted by their supporters.

"As we reached the outskirts of Childwall via Queens Drive I told Kenny how my mother stood at the same spot at the Fiveways each time either Liverpool or Everton brought the cup home.

"Typically mischievous, Kenny waited his moment and as we approached he pushed me to the front of the bus and there I was next to Liverpool's all-conquering heroes and the FA Cup itself.

"And yes, I did then spot my mum and it took all of what was left of my professional discipline not to lift the famous trophy as she waved us by!"

Life is made up of countless moments, some being more memorable than others. That moment of a quarter of a century ago, when the mother waved at her son, who was on the open-top bus right next to his friend and hero, the magnanimous Kenny Dalglish, desperately suppressing the urge to lift the trophy, is definitely worth recalling.

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