The Greatest Achievement of the "Completely Rubbish" Government

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has never been as successful in developing the critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, self-management, etc. of the younger generation as it is doing right now. The irony is that this is by no means the credit of the Education Bureau (or Education Department, or Education and Manpower Bureau, as that imbecile entity has chosen to name itself according to its whim or fancy in the last couple of decades), which has shouted itself hoarse in making the claim of nurturing these skills in the young people. It doesn't have the slightest clue how to go about the task.

Now the HKSAR Government, in driving everyone round the bend through its absolutely unjust, shameless, impotent, absurd but high-handed administration, has inspired the next generation to arise and fend for themselves in ways this mercantile and opportunist society has never seen before. The application of the skills mentioned above is absolutely crucial in the process of resistance and protest against this "completely rubbish" government which is beyond reason, which is distorting truths with lies, which is blundering on a daily basis, and it is a delight to see that some young people have been doing so well.

After all, it is their world that this administration, along with those with vested interest, is ruining. It is their rights that these scoundrels are brutually infringing. They have to stand up to their rights before it is too late.

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