Are We a Great Generation -- or the Worst of All?

The following concluding paragraphs in Johann Hari’s article called “We must make difficult choices – It will soon be too late to stop global warming” published by Independent News Services yesterday echoes with the message given in “The Age of Stupid”:

"So are we, as a species, condemned to fall into the historical crack between a world powered by fossil fuels, and one powered by the sun? Will the fossil record discovered millions of years from now show we were just too irrational and too primitive to make that leap?

If we despair and wait glumly for the meltdown, we will make it so. Then we will have little choice but to try to survive as best we can in a radically altered landscape. But there is still a slim window in which sanity can prevail -- and I believe, perhaps madly, that it can.

It can be done. It must be done. Copenhagen is in three months.

There, and in the years after when the deal must be implemented, we will learn something profound about ourselves. Are we a great generation -- or the worst of all?"

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