When the Love is Gone

How would men answer this one?

You wouldn’t be interested in having sex with your wife if ____.
a. she is fat
b. she is ugly
c. she nags

For Hong Kong men, according to a recent research study by the Centre for Health Behaviours, the answer is C.

How about women? How woud they answer this one:

Which of the following factors plays a significant role in women not having sex with their husbands:
a. long working hours
b. poor marital relationship
c. unemployment

For Hong Kong woman, the answer is B.

The study lends support to one of the axioms of William Glasser’s Choice Theory - that the source of much unhappiness are the failing or failed relationships with those who are important to us.
Interestingly though, another study, conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, suggests that couples tend to avoid getting a divorce even after their lust for each other has gone.

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