Fading Love

As the Chinese saying goes, there is a rain that defines autumn.

I wonder if the one today is it?

In Hong Kong, the couple of autumn months are the time of the year with the best weather, but I have always been saddened to see the exit of summer. I know how I grumble about the heavy rain, the typhoon and the sweltering heat in summer, but what I like about summer is that it is the summit. The red hot sun, the long days, the changeable and unpredictable weather – things are so ruthless, so passionate, so unbridled. It’s like life in its prime – one can afford to live it with reckless abandon. Although doing outdoor activities under the blazing summer sun is like a torture (sometimes it’s even a matter of life and death), it is also something that I happily oblige – there is nothing like being in the pool and seeing specks of gold dancing all around you. Maybe it shows that I am a pessimist at heart. I dread experiencing life going downhill and desperately wish to cling on to the zenith.

These days (or should I say these months?), however, the heat has got so unbearable that even this diehard lover of summer has seen his love fading. So today’s rain, which eventually seems to start cooling things off, is almost taken with a welcoming embrace.

Another piece of solid evidence of how bad global warming has become.

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