adidas vs Puma

adidas vs Puma.

I’m not talking about a business war.

Nor a match between two teams, each wearing the outfit of one brand.

It’s a football match between the employees of the two sportswear giants, marking the end of the feud which was started by their founding brothers, Adolf (or Adi) and Rudolf Dassler.

The brothers started making sports shoes in the 1920s in their mother’s washing room, in the German town of Herzogenaurach, but they fell out during World War II and started their own companies. The result was that the town was split in half, with one company on each side of the little river that runs throught the town.

The football match, which is a move by the companies to support the Peace One Day organisation, which has its annual non-violence day on Monday.

Unlike any other football matches, this one may end with both teams being winners.

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