All the racquets I have ever owned

Here's a list of all the tennis racquets I have ever owned and played with (in chronological order):

Wilson Advantage
Wilson Sting 2
Rossignol F250
adidas CD3000
Kneissl White Star Twin
Kneissl White Star Mid
Yamaha Secret 04
Donnay WST Cobalt
Head Genesis 660
Kneissl White Star Aero 30C
Fischer Vacuum Power
Fischer Vacuum Pro Midplus
Volkl V1 Classic
Volkl Quantum V1 Midplus
Volkl Catapult V1
Head Liquidmetal 4

It was only after I made this list that I realised these facts:
(1) I have owned and played with fifteen racquets so far.
(2) Except the Wilsons and the Yamaha, all the other racquets are European brands.
(3) Many of these are cult racquets which mainstream tennis lovers may not have seen or heard of. Some of the companies, like Rossignol and Kneissl, have even stopped producing racquets altogether. See for example the following pictures.

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