First ever tennis racquets

This is the first ever tennis racquet my nephew recently bought:
And this is MY first ever racquet:

Here is how a tennis website describes this racquet:

"The Wilson Advantage is the king of woods. Acknowledged by collectors as being among the most beautiful wood tennis racquets ever made, its stellar performance as one of the best evolutions of the Wilson woods also place it among the most capabable wood racquets in existence. This rare racquet is one of the very few remaining brand-new examples available."

The racquet, branded as "the Rolls Royce of the Wilson woodies", is a beauty, but it is not easy to play with, especially for a rookie like me who didn't have the skills to match. So overall I did not have much satisfaction playing with this racquet, and it soon gave way to a graphite stick as soon as I was able to afford to buy one.

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