Stripey Year of the Tiger

The little guy in the pictures below is Stripey. He is a six-month-old tiger cub featured in the "Save Our Tiger" project held in partnership by Aircel, Dentsu Communications and WWF in India. The project is initiated as a fight to save India's tigers, whose population has dropped from about 40,000 a hundred years ago to the current 1,411, from extinction.

The project portrays the world as seen through the eyes of Stripey, who is shown to be waiting for his mother who will never return. Not only does Stripey have a blog, the project is also on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

A fitting campaign for the Year of the Tiger. I certainly hope it works. Tigers are such a majestic animals that they do not deserve the fate of extinction. Also, as a speaker in a seminar I attended many years ago said, it may not be so obvious, but the fates of tigers and human beings are actually tied. Places where tigers used to roam but now no longer exist are places which has become so polluted that lives are not sustainable. So it's not just them. It's us too.

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