Homecoming not welcoming

It is not easy to leave the sunshine and the beach behind and come back to the chill and gloom of Hong Kong, even if I have been away just for a few days. The temperature difference of almost thirty degrees Celcius take some getting used to, and the abrupt temperature drop presents an added challenge to my flu which has worsened in the last couple of days. The thick sheet of grey that completely shrouds the sky all day isn't very uplifting either. I keep telling myself to look to the 'bright side' and remember that the sun is actually somewhere behind the clouds, but it stretches the imagination to picture what a sunny day looks like.

Just like what I wrote when I came back from a trip to Kuala Lumpur on 9 January, I seem to be quite harsh on my birth place. But this blog spot is supposed to be for the expression of my honest opinions and there is no reason to hold back anything.

Maybe I will feel better when I overcome the flu, yet again without any medication.

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