Trekking in the Himalayas, meditation and yoga

"...I was in the Himalayas having a fabulous trek in the snow... I am now full involved with yoga activities... I am "fully enjoying my time in yoga"... Meditation is gradually becoming a part of normal life. It is very very gratifying when positive benefits (health and healing) arise to those who are doing yoga with me."

The above is extracted from an email sent to me by the yoga teacher I made friends with while attending the World Vegetarian Congress in Goa in 2006 (see the few entries on 29 October - 5 November). This remarkable man gave up a respectable job to pursue a life he craves for. These few lines are the best proof that his decision has been an excellent one.

While I am happy for him to have led such a fulfilling life, my heart aches with yearning. How I would have liked to do the same!

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