The killing fields

According to a report by a newspaper in Guangdong, some dried vegetables that have been soaked in sewage is on sale in Hong Kong.

An article in the newspaper reported how the operation by an unlicensed farm in Dongguan worked. The freshly harvested vegetables were cooked with boiling water for 20-30 minutes in a stove right next to the fields, after which the cooked vegetables will be cast into a drain for cooling, the putrid water of which came from three public toilets and a chicken run closely upstream.

Asked by the newspaper report whether they dared to eat those dried vegetables, the women working in the fields were starkly frank. "No, no!" they said. "They are for selling only."
Here is a very good indication of the moral standard of many in this great nation. It is alright to do absolutely anything to make money, just as long as they themselves do not consume whatever sub-standard, fake, harmful or toxic products they produce.

Or so they think, at least. One thing they probably fail to see is that when everyone has that mentality, most products other than the ones they sell are likewise compromised, corrupted or contaminated.

Or perhaps they do see the problem but feel that they have a solution. When they have made enough money out of selling those products, all they need to do is to come to Hong Kong or go overseas to buy whatever will give them better peace of mind. Just let those who cannot afford to do so "enjoy" their proud production.

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