Match for Africa

For once, the score in the Titanic clash between the two tennis greats Roger Federer and Rafael Nadel does not matter. What really counts is the money raised for African children.

The 10,500 tickets for the "Match for Africa", a charity exhibition match which took place in Zurich, Switzerland, were sold out within minutes when they went on sale in September. Federer has been hoping to raise around USD1,000,000 for his foundation, which backs educational work with children in Africa.

After the good-natured match, both players expressed mutual appreciation for each other. Nadal said that Federer's "gesture to play a game here to raise funds for needy people is incredibly generous" and he was "very happy to be part of this event".

"Both of us realise we are in a very privileged position, where we have everything lin life, the least we can do is to help people who are in difficulty," he said.
Federer responded by saying it is wonderful that Nadal supports charities "at such a young age". As for the match, he said: "This is a special match for me, which I will remember forever. I’m just so proud and so happy that we all made it work.”

Another exhibition match will take place in Madrid tonight, this time to raise money for the Spaniard's charity.

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