Revolt against reason

"We live in a time of revolt against reason. Revolt against beauty. Revolt against joy. Artists dribble paint out of paint cans onto canvas. Sculptors weld together pieces of old iron and concrete they have scavenged from a junkyard. Musicians blow klaxons and bang tire irons for symphonies. Poets babble trivial obfuscations. Philosophers prove by reason that reason can prove nothing.”

This is what Norman Vincent Peale, in his book Enthusiasm Makes the Difference, quoted James Dillan Freeman as saying. I am afraid what Freeman said some decades ago still very much rings true now, and even more so than ever. So businessmen and politicians pounce on and feast on this gullibility. They know that we are not willing or even able to think, so to achieve their ulterior motives, they feed us with well-packaged, sugar-coated half truths. And they usually get by. Who is to blame but this lazy, foolish generation of people ourselves? Technology, particularly information and communication technology, has enabled us to do things we have never before thought possible. There is now this reliance on and obsession with technology to do everything for us, even to the extent that the planting of a microchip into us will provide us all the knowledge we will ever need.

We are playing God, but look at how people playing God in history ended up.

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