Talking to animals (1)

A friend of mine claims to have the ability to communicate with animals clairvoyantly.

I have tried to "talk" to my pets and other animals, but I cannot say that I have had any success. I haven't had any concrete reply or feedback from my attempts to have a "conversation", except having the feeling of certainty that they understand my love towards them. Still, I do believe that animals have more understanding in us than we realise.

In Norman Vincent Peale's book Enthusiasm Makes a Difference, he described the following experience of a friend:

"A friend of mine, the president of a big company, when faced with a tough problem would call his dog and go into the woods. He said his dog had more understanding than a lot of people. He would sit on a stump, the dog at his feet looking up at him. Then he would describe the problem out loud to the dog. Of a sudden he would hear - not by the outer ear but by the deep inner ear - the answer. He and the dog would then go home."

Maybe the next time I have a problem, I should try tell one of my cats and let him give me the solution.

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