Talking to animals (2)

The above artwork, entitled Shaman Talking to the Animals, was painted by Norval Morrisseau (1932-2007), one of the greatest aboriginal Canadian artists.

Born in Beardmore, Ontario on 14 March 1932, Morrisseau was raised by his maternal grandparents in accordance with the tradition of the Anishnaabe people. His intellectual and artistic development was profoundly influenced by the contrast between the two religious traditions he learned from his grandparents. His grandfather, a shaman, taught him the traditions and legends of his people. His grandmother, a devout Catholic, taught him the tenets of Christianity.

Morrisseau was a self-taught artist who, according to Wikipedia, "developed his own techniques and artistic vocabulary which captured ancient legends and images that came to him in visions or dreams".

The high regard in which his artworks is well summed up in the following quote:

"His work invokes our memories of childlike simplicity. His colors effect us in ways that are not immediately apparent. His visions, like ancient taboos that have turned into dreams of the future, come to life on canvas and paper. They are talismans of the future and images of respect of the past."

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