Finding joy in the journey

"While goals disappear the moment you achieve them, the journey never disappears. It goes on forever - as does the joy that you experience along the way."

I used this extract from the ending of Mike Hernacki's book The Ultimate Secret to Getting Absolutely Everything You Want in a speech a few days ago. The response from the audience showed that the effect was good and my purpose of using the extract to give some encouragement and moral support to the audience was well achieved.

The book is an example showing that many events in life do not happen by chance but serve some preordained purposes. As I wrote in a blog entry in September, the book, which was given to me by an Indian shortly before he left Hong Kong after having lived here for almost twenty years, had for a long time been forgotten, and it was when I took the journey to Japan in summer that I picked it for reading during the trip. That was how it came to inspire me after serving its previous owner. Then, recently, when I was preparing for the speech and looking for some reference to spice it up, I remembered the meaningful ending. That became yet another mission that the book was made to serve.

Was it by chance that the book was passed on to and then read and used by me? I don't think so. I even believe that the chain of effects may yet go on.

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