Biking to Luk Keng

I took a day off today and spent the morning doing my favourite biking route. The route is 28 km each way, including 20 km on Hong Kong’s most popular cycling trail – from Fo Tan to Tai Mei Tuk and 8 km from Tai Mei Tuk to Luk Keng. The 20 km part has zero difficulty, but there is some danger during the weekends and holidays when lots of non-regular bikers cram the route and cycle out of line, causing accidents on themselves as well as others. That is why I would only do this trail during off-peak time. The 8 km part is much more rewarding. Not only is it much more scenic, the fairly steep climb also puts off most of the holiday bikers rewards those who persist with enough exercise trudging uphill and the thrilling (though rather fleeting) experience of careening downhill in a daredevil manner. One must fix his grips firmly on the brakes, though. If ever an accident occurred, it could be fatal.

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