It's a huge chasm, but stitch it up!

Just because I haven't updated my blog doesn't mean I'm dead.
Not that anyone would notice, anyway.
Except one person.
The whole time when I have been putting up one blog entry per day for the last two years, I have only ever told one friend.
That is how low key and private I am.
Now why did I stop writing suddenly? And why am I resuming now?
Two major, major involvements - one involving my work and the other my study - forced me to stop.
Somehow, when it was all over, I couldn't find the momentum to pick up the habit again.
Maybe the spell was broken.
Maybe the effort was disrupted.
Maybe the determination was washed away.
It had stayed like that for a good while until I felt the urge to do it again.
Not only to do a blog a day, but also to plug the holes of the past few months.
The mere thought of having to make up for a few months' work is frightening.
But if I just take one step at a time...
And one or two more, if possible,
then, one day, there will be no seam.
A pretty good test, this.

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