Be a biking nation, not a viking nation

As the logos show, this DSB (Danish State Railways) red S-train compartment is for prams, wheelchairs and, yes, quite obviously, bikes. Better still, bicycles have been allowed to travel free since 2010. Before that a bicycle ticket cost 12 kroner (about USD2.25). Making it free was just a move to encourage more people to use their bicycles.

Being a flat country with the highest point (Møllehøj ) being merely 171 metres above sea level, and being a country that puts much effort into taking care of its environment, Denmark is well positioned to be Europe's prime biking nation.

And being a biking nation is definitely better than being a "viking nation", a page of history which showed its people terroring Europe by looting and raping, a page which some Danish people still talk about with a bit of shame.

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