A Valuable Lesson

Of course, shadows were cast by the wallet snatching incident described yesterday, but I resolved not to let the incident affect my moods and change my impression of the marvellous Danish people. I also resolved to turn the unfortunate incident into a useful lesson, and here are some important learning points:
  • Keep your valuables at a safe place at all times. There was a flap on the pocket from which my wallet was snatched, but obviously it was not secure enough. The gang saw the bulge and reckoned that it was easy enough for them to remove it.
  • Never take things for granted. Anything can happen anywhere, even in a country that is supposed to be "safe", like Denmark. Relax your alertness and guard at his own peril and cost.
  • Don't let anyone have physical contact with you or even get close to you. Looking back, I was probably too gullible to do the high-five with the guy.
Hopefully, I could turn an unpleasant experience into something positive.

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