I'm dreaming of a yellow pencil...

From Joseph to Jung, dreams and their interpretations have been given much importance. Dreams are believed to reflect the subconscious – not only the subconscious mind of the dreamer but also, more importantly, the collective subconscious of the human race. In this connection, characters, scenes and objects in dreams are believed to carry symbolic meanings which are passed on from generation to generation. Some people encourage dreamers to try to have clear memory or even keep record of dreams and learn to interpret them.

I am aware of having several dreams every night, but despite my effort to remember them, most are forgotten by the time I wake up and there is never much I can hold on to.

The one I had yesterday was an exception. I cannot remember the plot or anything else, except the image of a pencil stump – a yellow pencil stump so short that you almost cannot hold it with your fingers.
I wonder what this image symbolizes?

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