Supra referee

Imagine having such a football team.

In all their home games, they will put in place a match official who is above the referee and linesmen. When the referee has made a major decision against them, such as awarding a penalty to their opponents, this home team can appeal to the match official, who has the power to rule out the referee’s decision and whose ruling is final and cannot be overturned.

If there really were such a team, would you like to play against them? Or would you pay from your own pocket to watch them play? Would you consider this as fair play?

This, sadly, is not a hypothetical situation. This is exactly what the provision for the People’s Congress to interpret the Basic Law of the HKSAR is like. Hong Kong can appeal to “Grandfather” for his view when we think the odds are against us, such as the recent situation of Filippino maids fighting for permanent citizenship.

What is shocking is that more and more Hong Kong people consider the option of seeking Grandfather’s view acceptable! When it comes to defending our (selfish, short-sighted) interest, anything can be compromised.

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