Interpreting my own dream

Of course, I could try to interpret my own dream mentioned yesterday, making out the symbolic meaning of the yellow pencil stump. Here are some questions to ponder:

Why a pencil? Why is it so short? Why yellow?
A pencil is a writing instrument, so it could suggest writing or composing. The shortness could mean a lack of ideas or progress. Regarding the colour, apart from yellow being the most common colour for a pencil, I cannot think of any other explanations. 

Is it a re-play of or associated with any events what happened during the day?
I did not come across such an object during the day. However, if the meaning of a lack of progress or ideas about something I need to write or compose, I can think of two linkages. One is for me to catch up on the writing of blog entries to fulfill my wish of writing one each day. The other is the various major tasks at work I can envisage in the coming months – tasks that involve a lot of writing and composition.

How did I feel in the dream?
There was no positive or negative feelings. Just matter-of-fact. If the image actually suggest that I have come up short regarding the tasks above, at least I did not feel any fear or pressure. It probably means that I have confidence in handling them, or, given time, I will be able to overcome the challenge.

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