Before I die

Borrowed Jenny Downham's novel Before I Die from the pubic library and noticed a fairly selfish but unfortunately not uncommon practice by young local readers. Above the difficult words on the pages were written, in pencil, in childish handwriting, the Chinese definitions. Also very typical of those teenagers, they don't go very far. The definitions stopped at page 10.

I wonder if Little Vandaliser chose that book because of what the blurb said, that sixteen-year-old Tessa, who only has a few months to live, has made a list of ten things she wants to do before she dies and number one is sex.

Little Vandaliser never got to that juicy part, either the determination wasn't there or the book was simply beyond him or her.

I did get to that part about the sex, but decided that I'm probably not going to finish the book before I die. I just didn't find it very interesting.

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