Life's too short. Enjoy it.

"Life's too short. Enjoy it. "

It seems that once I've started to touch upon the topic of death, I just can't stop, but I am alerted by this concluding sentence in a brief report in Koptalk, Liverpool Football Club's premier fan site, yesterday - which, incidentally, is about death.

The report is about the death of Besian Idrizaj, a former player, at the age of 22. He died in his sleep and the cause is believed to be a heart attack.

For a young footballer to die at such a tender age is really tragic. I'm sure very few of us expect or are prepared for a sudden death, but really, who knows? When God decides that the time is right, that's when it will happen, just like how it happened to this player. So really we should be on guard.

Koptalk suggests enjoying life as it is too short. The crucial question is how to define 'enjoy'. The response will range from seeking a hedonic life to a self-actualised one.

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