How real is the game of money?

On our way to taking the transport home after having dinner yesterday, I said to my friend that I think 'the game of money is unreal', referring to the astronomical amount of debts that the US is having, and its attempt at making the debts worth less by printing more and more money.
My statement turned out to be a little prophetic. This morning, I looked at the TV screen with my jaw dropping as the news said that for a couple of brief minutes the Dow plunged by almost ten percent, and then just as incredibly a couple of minutes later the index recovered. The graphs made the most dramatic and thrilling reading!

It is so far not known what caused the tumultous fluctuation. Speculations are rife and investigations have been launched by the US Government. Whether it is, as rumoured, that it was caused by a trader incorrectly entering data or it is an audacious attempt at manipulating the market and taking profit, this incident just shows how fragile the market can be and, as I said to my friend, how unreal the game of money is. but that's a game in which so many people bet their lifetime saving.

That, in itself, is also unreal.

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