Is there room for a Little Shadow?

"Shadow - this little innocent girl was found partially blind and starving near the Man Mo Temple. As if that isn't enough her hearing is impaired too - none of this however stops her from being a bundle of fun and energy."

This ad appealing for adopting of a two-and-a-half-months-old kitten called Shadow touched my soft spot. Parker, one of my four adopted cats, is also partially blind, and was rescued by an animal loving volunteer in similar fashion about two years ago.

As I am writing this, three of my cats are sleeping peacefully next to me. There is inside of me an urge to take Shadow and give her a safe and happy life like my cats, but I do realise that while one would like to be charitable, one also has to be sensible, and four cats are as much as we can manage. So the only things I can do are to ask around and to pray that Shadow will soon be able to find a loving home.

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