A really cool way to go

Just in case you find scrambling to get into a certain pavilion of the Shanghai Expo too undignified, how about going to the Asia Funeral Expo?

Just in case you find a celestial burial too radical, or cremation too hot or too environmentally unfriendly, how about the really really cool "promession"?

This is a way of disposing of the dead body, invented by a Swidish firm four years ago and highlighted in the Asia Funeral Expo which took place recently in Hong Kong. According to a newspaper article, this is how it works:

"The corpse is frozen at minus 18 degrees Celsius in a "Promator" and kept in a biodegradable casket. The casket is then lowered into liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius. Then the contents are subjected to light vibration, during which the remains of the deceased are reduced to dust particles of around five millimeters in diameter. The remains are then placed int a biodegradable starch coffin. After six to 18 months, the dust particles will be absorbed by the soil without causing any pollution."

Simply put, it's "frozen, shaken and pulverised".

As the newspaper headline says: it's "a really cool way to go".

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